The Restaurant


Mediterranean-inspired cuisine, mainly made of organic products, evolving according to available fresh products of the season.


Traditional cooking, by our professional team, using a range of seasonal products. Tasty and savoury, our cooking will bring you positive energy for the mountains. We offer a menu "à la carte" at lunchtime and a unique menu in the evening


Local Gordolasque products

Charcuterie and cheese Mushrooms (lactarius sanguifluus) Artichokes

Fried zucchini flowers

Considered a local speciality, the zucchini flowers are picked in the morning by our local producers

Trout fish

Trouts from the local Roquebilière fish farm White wine fish stock sauce Zucchini brunoise with basil

Homemade ravioli

Filled with 3 meats and wild spinach

Homemade pastry

Half-sphere of chocolate, mascarpone cream and raspberries Chocolate royal cake filled with red berries Vanilla basil panacotta with red berries sauce

Local cheese

Cow and Goat from local farms

Lunch menu
A la carte
32€ Starter - Main dish - Dessert
Dinner menu
Unique menu
23€ Starter - Main dish - Cheese - Dessert

    5 star review  Stunning location. Immaculate accommodations. Extraordinary service. Located way up the Gordolasque Valley near the trailhead to the Valley of Marvels, Jean-Paul's Relais is everything good I'd read about Alps trekking accommodations. I was there to dovetail some wolf-tracking with Valley of Marvels petroglyph-viewing: found both in one long day-hike, though by mid-May the upper trails were still significantly snow-covered. The hike turned into a proto-Alpine, route-finding white-knuckler. Bring a good map/gear if you're going in May. As my hiking sandals weren't fit for steep snow-traverses, Jean-Paul loaned me a pair of hiking boots (and packed me a lunch of exceptional local cheese, meats and bread) that made the higher passes accessible: barely. Crampons and an ice axe would have helped. Many of the petroglyphs, including the famous sorcerers, remained buried under snow, but that disappointment was tempered by finding several chamois (they're everywhere) wolf-kills and parallel adult/pup wolf tracks - just 30 miles from the French Riviera. Sun-burned and exhausted, after a hot shower, I was treated to as fine a four-course meal as any I've ever had in the States. I booked the dormitory sleeping option several weeks in advance, and had the dorm to myself. The entire place is spotless. 2 nights, 3 meals: 75 euros. As marvelous as it gets.

    thumb Christopher Spatz